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Building environmental sustainability

In a world of diminishing biodiversity and the unknown impacts of climate change it’s more important than ever to work towards environmental sustainability and conservation.

Readily available natural resources

The Interior Trading Company is working with communities in Cambodia to make products using readily available natural resources like Water Hyacinth, Sedge and Sugar Palm Leaf.

Beautiful products from environmental weeds

Our baskets are made from Water Hyacinth  – a serious environmental weed species on the Tonle Sap lake in Cambodia – the largest lake in South East Asia.

Tonle Sap

Our weavers live in the floating villages on the lake and are literally surrounded by Water Hyacinth (Eichorrnia crassipes).

Image Attribution: Mkummu

Water Hyacinth

Women harvest the water hyacinth stems from their small boats then dry it on their rooftops in the sun.

Hand woven

The water hyacinth is then hand woven into baskets, placemats and floor mats.

Learn more about water hyacinth weaving at Tonle Sap

Our Water Hyacinth Range

The Interior Trading Company are proud to bring you a beautiful range of handcrafted water hyacinth baskets, placemats and floor mats.


Sedge (Cyperus iria) is a naturally occurring plant that grows in areas subject to inundation. At the end of the growing season it is harvested by hand and then continues to re-shoot each season.

Sustainable resources

Sedge weaving has a long tradition in Cambodia and Vietnam. It provides a sustainable resource and long term employment opportunities for local villagers.

Our Sedge Range

The Interior Trading Company are proud to bring you a beautiful range of handcrafted sedge floor mats, placemats and cushions.

Natural ingredients and fragrances

Our aromatics products are made from natural ingredients and fragrances from the spice gardens of Cambodia.

Our aromatic products are packaged in handcrafted palm leaf and stem baskets and boxes.

Sustainable packaging

The packaging on the aromatics products is all hand made using fallen leaves from the Sugar Palm,  a common feature of the Cambodian landscape.

The fallen palm leaves are collected and processed by hand. The leaf stems are used to make the small gifts boxes and the leaf blade is cut into strips and dyed then hand woven to make further decorative packaging.

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